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WRESLING: Coffee County sweeps Siegel, Franklin County

Jade Lenhart

Coffee County boys and girls wrestling walked away with a couple of team wins over Siegel, Franklin County and Shelbyville last week.

Full results:

Coffee County (COFF) 42.0 Shelbyville Central (SCHS) 36.0

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106: Double Forfeit 113: Ethan Lundy (SCHS) over   (COFF) (For.) 120: Jage Chaiping (SCHS) over Clayton Centeno (COFF) (Fall 1:01) 126: Sean Sanders (COFF) over Richard Owens (SCHS) (Fall 0:39) 132: Caleb Keller (SCHS) over   (COFF) (For.) 138: Owen Shelton (COFF) over   (SCHS) (For.) 144: Austin Green (COFF) over Josiah Gutierrez (SCHS) (Fall 2:52) 150: Eli McLean (COFF) over Ismael Vazquez (SCHS) (Fall 4:58) 157: Jacob  Barlow (COFF) over Edgar Luciano (SCHS) (Fall 0:20) 165: Keaton Woodard (SCHS) over Zachary Warrick (COFF) (Fall 3:01) 175: Nathan Zimmerman (SCHS) over Tommy Miller (COFF) (Fall 1:59) 190: Ian Walker (COFF) over Korsten Saldatkov (SCHS) (Fall 5:17) 215: Logan McBee (SCHS) over Joel Cruz-Martinez (COFF) (Fall 1:55) 285: Blayne Myers (COFF) over Chandler Cates (SCHS) (Fall 0:48)

Coffee County High School (Girls) (COFG) 48.0 Franklin Co. (Girls) (FRCG) 12.0

100: Alyssa Archer (FRCG) over   (COFG) (For.) 107: Double Forfeit 114: Kaylee Coker (FRCG) over   (COFG) (For.) 120: Jasmine Norris (COFG) over Charley Evans (FRCG) (Fall 0:15) 126: Payton Robertson (COFG) over Julieta Garcia-Alonzo (FRCG) (Fall 3:20) 132: Gabriella Silva (COFG) over Kaylin Hill (FRCG) (Fall 1:09) 138: Matilde Viterbo (COFG) over   (FRCG) (For.) 145: Sara Crosslin (COFG) over   (FRCG) (For.) 152: Estrella Armeta (COFG) over   (FRCG) (For.) 165: Double Forfeit 185: Jade Lenhart (COFG) over   (FRCG) (For.) 235: Ellysia Jennings (COFG) over   (FRCG) (For.)

Coffee County (COFF) 42.0 Siegel (SIEG) 36.0

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285: Blayne Myers (COFF) over Joshua Miller (SIEG) (Fall 4:13) 106: Cooper Stout (SIEG) over   (COFF) (For.) 113: Double Forfeit 120: John  McAnally (SIEG) over Clayton Centeno (COFF) (Fall 5:02) 126: Chase Creque (SIEG) over Sean Sanders (COFF) (Fall 1:01) 132: Gideon Fowler (SIEG) over   (COFF) (For.) 138: Dyllon Muto (SIEG) over Owen Shelton (COFF) (Fall 0:28) 144: Malachi Russell (SIEG) over Austin Green (COFF) (Fall 1:56) 150: Eli McLean (COFF) over Josef Helle (SIEG) (Fall 5:07) 157: Jacob  Barlow (COFF) over Kameron Smith (SIEG) (Fall 1:44) 165: Zachary Warrick (COFF) over Markel Smith (SIEG) (Fall 0:41) 175: Tommy Miller (COFF) over Aidan Baer (SIEG) (Fall 0:20) 190: Ian Walker (COFF) over Landon  Bush (SIEG) (Fall 0:11) 215: Joel Cruz-Martinez (COFF) over Nolan Wenzel (SIEG) (Fall 2:38)

Coffee County High School (Girls) (COFG) 7.0 Shelbyville Central (Girls) (SCHS) 6.0

120: Payton Robertson (COFG) over Brighton Stovall (SCHS) (Fall 1:21) 165: NeHaeh Buchanan (SCHS) over Estrella Armeta (COFG) (Fall 1:27) (COFG tiebreker criteria H 1.0)

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