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Policies & Procedures Committee Approves Hiring Policy and Discusses EMS Tuition Policy

The Policies & Procedures Committee held a meeting on April 17, 2023, at the Administrative Plaza Conference Room 1. The committee approved the minutes of the March 20, 2023 meeting and the meeting agenda.

The main topic of discussion was the county hiring policy, and Tim Morris explained each step of the policy to the elected officials and department heads present. There were some questions about the handling of applications, but it was agreed that only the Sheriff Department’s application, which has more extensive questions, would be accepted in addition to the county application.

The committee also discussed background checks and the revision of the county application to include a requirement for background checks and pre-employment drug screens. The hiring policy was approved and will be sent to the full commission for final approval.

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The committee also discussed EMS certification classes and financial aid for higher-level certification, and a revised EMS Tuition Policy was presented and discussed. The revised COCTP Policy was sent to the Legislative Committee for review. The next meeting will be on May 15th at 5:00 pm.


Policies & Procedures Committee

            Monday April 17, 2023 @ 5:00 p.m. 

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            Administrative Plaza- Conference Room 1

Members present: Jenny Anthony, Terry Hershman, Tim Morris, Joe Mike Hodge, Allen Lendley

Non-Voting Member Present: Heather Shelton

Members Absent:

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Others Present: Marianna Edinger, Michael Bonner, Tim Stubblefield, Frank Watkins-Requested, Department Heads & Elected Officials-Invited

  • Jenny Anthony called the meeting to order.
  • Jenny Anthony made a motion to approve the March 20, 2023 Meeting Minutes Terry Hershman made the second. Motion passed unanimously 
  • Tim Morris made a motion to approve the Meeting Agenda Allen Lendley made the second. Motion passed unanimously 
  • Discussion regarding the County Hiring Policy. Tim Morris verbally went over each step with the present Elected Officials and Department Heads. There were a few questions regarding the handling of Applications as some Departments have a different application than the County Application. The only application that would be acceptable other than the County Application would be the Sheriff Department due to asking more extensive questions. The Sheriff Department Applications can still be submitted at the Sheriff’s Office and a copy will be sent to Personnel & Benefits during the hiring process. Questions regarding the interviews were asked specifically the interview questions that are to be provided by the Personnel & Benefits Coordinator. The interview questions supplied by Personnel are a list of approved questions that are recommended by Personnel to be used. Although the committee is aware that every department has specific positions that will require specific questions and that is acceptable but any questions other than the approved list will need to be sent to the County Attorney for review and approval before being used during interview process.
  • Background Checks were discussed and if the Hiring Policy is approved by the County Commission the County Application will be revised with verbiage that a background check will be required along with the pre-employment drug screen.
  • Allen Lendley made motion to approve the Hiring Policy as is and send it on to the Full Commission for Final Approval Jenny Anthony gave the second. Motion passed unanimously
  • Tim Morris contacted Motlow regarding the EMS Certification classes and if employees seeking higher level certification can apply for any financial aid. The Hope Scholarship and TN Promise are available.
  • Michael Bonner handed out a revised EMS Tuition Policy dated 7-1-2021 to Committee Members for review. Discussion of Policy and revisions suggested regarding IRS Rule on reimbursement and Bonus incentive for employees that apply and receive financial aid for certification. Motion for Ambulance Authority to make the discussed revisions and send the proposed draft to Heather for disbursement to committee members for discussion at next meeting made by Joe Mike Hodge second made by Tim Morris. Motion passed unanimously
  • Tim Morris made motion to send the Revised COCTP Policy to the Legislative Committee for review Jenny Anthony made the second. Motion passed unanimously
  • Next meeting will be May 15th at 5:00 Conference Room 1.
  • Motion to adjourn Terry Hershman second Joe Mike Hodge.

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