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Get My Own Business Website

You are losing customers to a competitor who has a web presence! Get your own website!

You know your business. We know websites.

You don’t have to know everything there is to know about websites. You have a trusted partner to help you through the process. Don’t know the difference between a domain and a DNS setting? No worries! We’ll work with you to build a website that works for your business and doesn’t stress you out.

Let’s work together to make sure that your website helps your business accomplish it’s goals. We will also make sure your customers have a smooth and clean experience.

Two Questions to Ask:

What do you want people to know?

Have a new product? Having a sale? Make sure people know exactly what you want them to know, so that they know you are the right company for them!

What do you want people to do?

Make it super easy for people to do what you want them to. Use calls-to-action and an effective layout to ensure that people can do business with you.

You can count on us to:

  • Choose a design you like
  • Set up a staging area
  • Use SEO best practices
  • Make it mobile friendly
  • Manage security & site updates

Cost Effective Solutions

Having a great-looking, clean, mobile-optimized website doesn’t have to break the bank. We have a solution for nearly every business or non-profit. Consider these package options:

$1900 + $50/month$2900 + $100/ monthCustomized pricing
Fully managed website
Customized design template
Site content updated monthly
Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Domain name included
Unlimited email addresses
Social media integration
Mobile friendly design
Blog included
Includes all Standard features, PLUS:
Online payments
Site content updated weekly
Website analytics
Scheduled updates
Stock photography
Includes all Standard and Premium features, PLUS:
Professional / custom / unique web design
Custom photography
Professional copywriting

Focus on running your business and we will focus on helping you succeed!

Don’t spend hours of time doing something that you aren’t an expert in, while taking time away from what you’re passionate about. Don’t spend hours googling how to do things and miss simple steps to help your SEO. Don’t believe the hype that it will only take 5 minutes to create your site. Let us help you do it the right way, without taking all of your time and adding stress to your life.

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