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Fast Pace Dermatology can combat serious acne

By Carla Trail, NP, Fast Pace Dermatology

There are very few medical conditions that will affect as many Americans as Acne.

For all the things we may have in common or the things we don’t have in common, if we are being honest – we have all either had a bout with acne, or we know someone who does and wants to get it fixed. In fact – research shows that about 80% of people have had to deal with acne at some point, and 20% have to deal with severe acne.

I had to deal with it as a teenager, too, I understand the struggle!  You absolutely do not have to suffer with acne, your kids don’t have to battle the daily embarrassment of trying to hide those zits up and down the hallways of school and the pews of church. I am here to help. YES – there is help and there are treatments that really work.

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I’ve been a nurse for 13 years and have solely been focused on dermatology for the past six years. I have to say, these past six years of helping people get better and see real progress with chronic problems like their acne truly is rewarding.

Now is the time to start. Don’t wait. I’ve had so many people who come to me and they have scars that could have been prevented if we had started earlier.

Let me go ahead and address some questions you have.

First of all – NO, you do not need a referral to come see me at Fast Pace Dermatology!

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Secondly – YES, we have treatments that work. Don’t be discouraged if you’ve tried over the counter medicines that don’t even slow down your acne or your child’s acne. We have multiple options for treatments and options to try and if one doesn’t work, we will try another one until we get it right. We can go with topicals, oral medications or Accutane. Each case is a little different.

Next – YES, we accept pretty much any insurance you can think of. Go ahead and call any of our offices such as McMinnville (931-259-4144) or Tullahoma (931-563-5469) and they can make appointments for you, or you can make one online at

More than acne

I’ve spent most of my space focused on Acne because I know it is so relevant for all of our kids, and some adults, and I can help. But I am offering so many other great medical dermatology procedures at our area Fast Pace Clinics that are important and, in some cases, life saving.

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Just last week I did four biopsies in a row that were skin cancer. I can actually cut out skin cancers right here in our clinics in southern Middle Tennessee – no need to drive far away. When you come to see me for anything, even a general rash (or acne), I’m going to do a quick skin check on you just to make sure all is good. I’ve caught skin cancers like this – including a melanoma on a 21-year old just a few months ago.

It’s extremely rewarding to help people and I hope I see you soon. When you’re 30-years old or older, you should definitely be coming to see me for regular skin checks. And this is worth reminding you – no referrals are needed, and we accept most all insurance.

See you soon!

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