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Coffee County Ranks 61st in Child Well-Being in Tennessee

The Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth has released its County Profiles of Child Well-Being in Tennessee for 2023. The profiles include county-level measures on 52 indicators and county ranks in important areas affecting child development: economic well-being, education, health, and family and community. Each profile provides an analysis of the county’s strengths and challenges and policy recommendations to improve outcomes.

Coffee County finds itself in the lower half of counties in terms of child well-being, ranking 61st out of all counties in the state. The county’s strongest area is Economic Well-Being, while it faces challenges in housing costs and high school graduation rates.

In terms of strengths, Coffee County performs well in the child care cost burden category, ranking 17th among all counties. Additionally, the county has a lower percentage of children living below the federal poverty line compared to other counties, with a rate of 20.5%.

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Several indicators were identified as areas of concern for Coffee County’s child well-being:

  1. Children living in poverty: The county has a child poverty rate of 20.5%, highlighting the need for interventions to support families living below the federal poverty line.
  2. Severe housing cost burden: With a rank of 70th, the county faces challenges in addressing high housing costs that consume a significant portion of household incomes.
  3. Child care cost burden: While Coffee County ranks 17th in this indicator, addressing the cost burden of child care remains crucial to ensure accessibility and affordability for families.
  4. Education indicators: The county’s rankings in reading proficiency (30.3%) and math proficiency (28.7%) for 3rd to 8th grade students indicate room for improvement in academic outcomes.
  5. High school graduation rate: Coffee County ranks 82nd, emphasizing the need for strategies to support students in graduating on time.

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