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Oakland (Girls) vs. Coffee County High School (Girls) @ Oakland/Coffee County Tri on 12/06/2022.

Oakland (Girls) (OAKG) 36.0 Coffee County High School (Girls) (COFG) 12.0
100: Double Forfeit 107: Molly Cole (OAKG) over   (COFG) (For.) 114: Jamilynn Burton (OAKG) over Jasmine Norris (COFG) (Fall 0:25) 120: Mila Risner (OAKG) over Gabriella Silva (COFG) (Fall 0:20) 126: Mirah Currie (OAKG) over   (COFG) (For.) 132: Ava Norwood (OAKG) over   (COFG) (For.) 138: Jianna Bare (COFG) over Zayra Hernandez (OAKG) (Fall 0:17) 145: Abigail Vanderheyden (OAKG) over   (COFG) (For.) 152: Double Forfeit 165: Estrella Howard (COFG) over Paige Grago (OAKG) (Fall 1:32) 185: Double Forfeit 235: Double Forfeit

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Coffee County High School (Girls) vs. Riverdale (Girls) @ Oakland/Coffee County Tri on 12/06/2022.

Riverdale (Girls) (RIVG) 66.0 Coffee County High School (Girls) (COFG) 6.0
100: Reagan Patrum (RIVG) over   (COFG) (For.) 107: Jocelyn Garcia (RIVG) over   (COFG) (For.) 114: Kiley McNerney (RIVG) over Jasmine Norris (COFG) (Fall 2:40) 120: Johanna Pantojas (RIVG) over Gabriella Silva (COFG) (Fall 5:39) 126: Audrey Smith (RIVG) over   (COFG) (For.) 132: Morgan Sacharczyk (RIVG) over   (COFG) (For.) 138: Jianna Bare (COFG) over Crystal Lopez (RIVG) (Fall 2:38) 145: Payton King (RIVG) over   (COFG) (For.) 152: Ja`Keythia Gooch (RIVG) over   (COFG) (For.) 165: Carter Grissom (RIVG) over Estrella Howard (COFG) (Fall 3:33) 185: Sydney Grissom (RIVG) over   (COFG) (For.) 235: Camryn Henderson (RIVG) over   (COFG) (For.)

Oakland (OAKL) 66.0 Coffee County (COFF) 12.0
132: Landon Beasley (OAKL) over Jeremiah Wardell (COFF) (Fall 3:29) 138: Austin Green (COFF) over Colin Romans (OAKL) (Fall 3:19) 145: Jaxsen Nicuwimer (OAKL) over Asher Centeno (COFF) (Fall 1:05) 152: Landon Franklin (OAKL) over Ryan James (COFF) (Fall 0:34) 160: Jacob  Barlow (COFF) over Jamaceo King (OAKL) (Fall 1:34) 170: Sam Harvat (OAKL) over Zachary Warrick (COFF) (Fall 1:35) 182: Jackson Light (OAKL) over Kendall James (COFF) (Fall 1:36) 195: Nicholas Jenkins (OAKL) over Ian Walker (COFF) (Dec 7-3) 220: Tavrus Allen (OAKL) over Kaleb Dodson (COFF) (Fall 0:34) 285: Zach Turk (OAKL) over Blayne Myers (COFF) (Dec 7-4) 106: Jon Hall (OAKL) over   (COFF) (For.) 113: DeShawn Miller (OAKL) over   (COFF) (For.) 120: Brayden Bouma (OAKL) over   (COFF) (For.) 126: Nathan Barbee (OAKL) over Devon Marshall (COFF) (Fall 1:56)

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Riverdale (RIVE) 45.0 Coffee County (COFF) 36.0
126: Aidan Johnson (RIVE) over Devon Marshall (COFF) (Fall 3:04) 132: Jeremiah Wardell (COFF) over Darriuz Casillas (RIVE) (Fall 1:31) 138: Elijah Reams (RIVE) over Austin Green (COFF) (Fall 2:24) 145: Gabe Cooke (RIVE) over Asher Centeno (COFF) (Fall 0:52) 152: Logan Saller (RIVE) over Ryan James (COFF) (Fall 1:14) 160: Jacob  Barlow (COFF) over Diego Mendoza (RIVE) (Fall 1:58) 170: Zachary Warrick (COFF) over Alexander Sayvone (RIVE) (Fall 3:23) 182: Tavien Armstrong (RIVE) over Kendall James (COFF) (SV-1 10-8) 195: Ian Walker (COFF) over Torey Nicholson (RIVE) (Fall 1:01) 220: Kaleb Dodson (COFF) over   (RIVE) (For.) 285: Kolby McCormick (COFF) over   (RIVE) (For.) 106: Andrew McClanahan (RIVE) over   (COFF) (For.) 113: Maximus Carrington (RIVE) over   (COFF) (For.) 120: Dakadius (DK) Justus (RIVE) over   (COFF) (For.)

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