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A Day in the Quarantine Life of Titans QB Ryan Tannehill and Safety Kevin Byard

by Jim Wyatt,

The Titans, like the rest of the NFL, are working from a distance this April.

Virtual offseason programs started this week, and players are spending a lot of time in their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At least for now, quarantine life is the way of life.

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On Tuesday, Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill and safety Kevin Byard joined reporters on a Zoom conference call to give an update on what they’ve been up to in recent weeks.

And each one was asked what a day looks like for them right now.

Here’s what they said:

Ryan Tannehill: Throwing with Titans TE Jonnu Smith, working out, family time, and home projects

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Tannehill has been with his wife and two kids at his home in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, during the offseason.

Here’s what Tannehill said when asked what his days look like:

“It’s not so exciting. Usually in the morning I get up, a couple days a week I’ll go throw. Jonnu is down here, so I’ll go throw with Jonnu (Smith) a couple of days a week down here in South Florida. Get a workout in, run on the field. I’ll come back to the house, have some breakfast, usually spend a few minutes with the kids there. I have a little gym at my house, and I’ll head out to the gym and get a workout in. Depending on the day, upper (body), lower (body), combination, recovery – it could be yoga, could be Pilates, something like that. By that time, it is getting close to lunch, I’ll spend a little time with the kids, have some lunch. My wife is really holding down the cooking – I think she is probably sick of cooking, because she cooks every meal. But she does a great job and keeps us all fed and happy. I’ll have some lunch, and then in the afternoon, it kind of just depends on what the day is (as to what I’ll do). Projects around the house — I am a guy that can’t really sit still and not do anything. I don’t really watch much TV or movies or anything like that during the day – I am a guy that likes to do something. So, it is either working out, watching some tape, going over a playbook or if I had anything around the house (to work on). Right now, one thing I am working on is hanging up a pull-up bar in my gym. So I am trying to get that all squared away and up. Of course, I am no pro, so it is taking me multiple trips to pick up supplies and re-cut wood and things like that. It could happen faster, but I am getting it done. And I am enjoying family time along with just being able to start preparing to get ready for the season.”

Kevin Byard: Diaper-changing, family time, and workouts – including a lot of time on the Peloton

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Byard said he bought a Peloton for his wife last year, but he’s been using it himself while at home. Several of his teammates said they’ve tried to buy one themselves, but they’ve been on back order, and they’re still waiting. Recently, he began training again with Jason Spray while using social distancing. But he’s spent most of his days at home with his wife and daughter.

Here’s what Byard said when asked what his days look like:

“A day in the life for me has been dramatically different because of the quarantine. I think that is for most people in America honestly. Somebody in my position, I am very routine-based, so my routine has been changed and thrown off a little bit. But I have been able to adjust as time has gone on. First and foremost, my wife and I are woken up by our daughter early in the morning – 6 or 7 in the morning. She gets me up – that’s my alarm clock at this point. I don’t even need an alarm clock. So, I get up, change her diaper, clean her and things like that. I usually try to get my workouts in around 10 or 11ish after she finishes her breakfast. Other than that, it is being with my wife, being with my family, watching TV and videos. I have different things that I do to try and keep myself occupied. I read books. … I am actually partnering with NeoroTrainer, a new reality thing where I am training my mental to strengthen my reaction time. It is really family time, training, family time, training. There is really nothing else to do at this point because I am staying at home and everything else is closed down. I am just trying to do everything I can do to be the best family man, best husband, be the best father I can be. When everything picks up I’ll focus on that but I am focusing on staying in shape and trying to be the best man I can for my family.”

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